Our company established 1983 as Brake manufacturer in aftersell market in Thailand.
With our 40 year experience, Std Caliperbrake is a specialized manufacturer of brakes
for motorcycles serve the premium quality brake for the replacement market
motorcycles brake pad and brake shoe as original equipment manufacturing (OEM)
in Thailand.
Std Caliperbrake developed own brand named as KOMORI which launched in Thailand
to provide high quality experience for motorcycle.
We welcome all OEM customer and also aftermarket dealers who may have a wish to be
our importer/dealer in their country markets.
CompanySTD Caliper Brake Co., Ltd
Origin ProductThailand
BusinessManufacturing for Various Model Motorcycle Brake Pads and Brake Shoes
Major ProductsMotorcycleBrake Pads and Brake Shoes
Capital10 million
Register Address24,26 Soi Chan 43 Yak 33 Thungwatdon Sathorn Bangkok 10120
Factory172 Moo 1 Kaerai Krathumban Samutsakhorn 74110
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